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"They're so 1946!"

sebago docksides 1946Fresh off the success of several recent limited edition collaborations with retailers Colette in Paris & Vane in New York, Sebago is preparing to release a series of limited edition releases that are being offered to a slightly wider audience, with special emphasis on "slightly".

Inspired by the designs that did so well at Colette, this new collection of Docksides are being done in three colorways & only being sent to a select list of stores & even then, each store is only recieving 8 pairs in each color. These special, extremely limited edition pieces are being shipped into stores beginning May 1st, so to quote the company... "The race is on!".

Sebago has been bringing the world some of New England's classic styling & craftsmanship since 1946, thus the name of this latest capsule collection. The brand holds as its core raison d'etre three principles: craftsmanship, performance & innovation. Of their entire range of classic American offerings, their Docksides collection is probably the best known & most immediately recognized, what with their iconic white soles, raised embossed name at the side of the sole, woven flag label just below the ankle, hand-stitched construction & rawhide side lacing that is both aethetic & functional. Though Docksides come & go in fashion prominence as with any fashion item, they never lose favor with the bevy of yachtsmen who purchase a new pair of Docksides as often as the seasons change; for to be without these trademark mocassin boat shoes would be akin to yachting's version of nudity.

-Scott French


Just as we were going to press today, we got word of a new limited edition series that is coming out & will be available exclusively at Vane New York on Rivington Street. Look for details as soon as we have them available...


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